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Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating provides quality air conditioner coil cleaning for residential customers in the Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding communities in Florida.

The coils within your air conditioner are an essential component to cooling you down; they facilitate the heat exchange which allows your air conditioner to cool your space. Even with regular use, dirt and other debris can build up on the coils, which will restrict the surface area available to perform the heat exchange. Keep your coils clean with air conditioner coil cleaning from U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating.

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning: Why you need clean coils

When your coils are dirty, your air conditioning system has to work harder to keep you cool. This also means the unit is operating at a lower efficiency level and placing unnecessary stress on system components, which can lead to an increase in breakdowns. Air conditioner coil cleaning can not only keep you cool, but it can also help your system work more efficiently and help reduce the need for air conditioning repairs.

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning: How the coils are cleaned

The coils are housed within your outdoor air conditioning unit, so the exterior grill and filter must be removed to access them. Our skilled technicians will remove the debris from the coils, providing more surface area for efficient heat exchange. We will also straighten any bent fins to restore proper airflow. Once we’re finished inside, the filter and grill will be put back into place. Your system will then be tested to make sure everything is working properly. Once your coils are cleaned, your air conditioner will be able to cool your home more efficiently.

If you’re due for an air conditioning coil cleaning, contact U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating. Our experts will clean your coils effectively so you can receive the benefits of more efficient cooling.

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Since 1987, U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving the needs of residential customers in the Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding communities in Florida. Providing quality air conditioner maintenance, heating, and indoor air quality services, U.S. Air Conditioning & Heating strives to satisfy their customers.

How much does Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning cost?

The cost of air conditioner coil cleaning will vary based on several factors. The best way to discover the cost is to get a free, no obligation, estimate. As a courtesy, US Air Conditioning & Heating provides easy budget options for our customers.

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